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Consular processing applicants apply for and process an immigrant visa at the American consulate abroad, most often in their home country. In order to receive an immigrant visa through consular processing, an individual must first satisfy all the admissibility criteria to enter the US as an immigrant. In addition to this, the individual must also have an approved immigration petition, plan to engage in the activities that are consistent with their immigrant visa category, and their immigration petition's priority date must be current.

Consular processing is often advantageous because of its shorter processing time, versus the processing time for the Adjustment of Status process. The most obvious benefit of consular processing is that unlike with the AOS, consular process is an interview process which the applicant can go through at a US consulate in the applicant's home country.

Wynn Law Offices has successful experience handling Consular Processing. Please contact us we can assist you with your inquiries.