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At Wynn Law Offices, we work to reunite families. Our experience with immigration law allows us to effectively reunite our clients with their families as quickly as is possible. We offer statewide, nationwide and worldwide legal guidance through the U.S. immigration process.

You may be a U.S. citizen who is engaged to a foreign national. You may be a U.S. legal permanent resident seeking a spouse's visa to come to the U.S. We are prepared to help in these and other family immigration situations. Please contact us for a free initial phone consultation, so we can learn the details of your case and outline an appropriate course of action.

We are sympathetic to how relationships and situations can change. For this reason, we also assist individuals, both sponsors and those being sponsored, with divorce and dissolution for residents of Ohio. In matters of divorce between U.S. citizens and non-citizens, we are uniquely familiar with the complexities that may arise from these situations and support and guide our clients through these emotional matters. Whatever your need, we try to find a creative solution at Wynn Law Offices.

Our Family Immigration Services

As family immigration attorneys we work diligently to help bring your loved ones here, so parents, siblings, and children can be reunited.

We can help you navigate the various family-based immigration categories that exist, including immediate relative (IR), family preference (F) and fiancé/spouse (K1/K3). Some of the family-based immigration categories are impacted by annual quotas that restrict the number of immigrants who are permitted to enter the U.S. Wynn Law Office is experienced in filing I-130 petitions and family-based green card applications and can assist you with the associated medical examinations, fees, and other requirements.

Family Non-Immigrant Visas

Several programs exist which permit children and spouses to accompany primary visa holders to the United States as dependents. The H-4 and L-2 visas are examples of such programs, through which temporary workers can bring their dependents to the United States. We can help you navigate this process.

Contact Us Today

If there is a family-related immigration issue threatening your future, Wynn Law offices can help you arrive at a creative solution. Contact our office by phone or fax to schedule a free consultation.