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Ohio U.S. Citizenship Attorney

At Wynn Law Office, we strive for excellence for our clients in the fields of permanent residence green card status, as only a client-committed, community-involved, energetic young law firm can.

When you need help with immigration law, call on us. You can benefit from our experience, creative solutions, and client focus.

"Permanent Residency" Defined

A "green card" is usually the long-range goal of most non-citizens and give the holder permanent resident status. It is the primary path to long-term employment prospects and acquiring the freedom to exit and return to our country. It allows you to get a Social Security number and receive all the other benefits that come with being a resident of the United States.

As a seasoned immigration lawyer, Angela Wynn will thoroughly and carefully see you through the green card process, no matter which of several routes you choose: employment, family, or asylum or refugee status.

We will make sure you know about any deadlines involved and any required documents. Our years of immigration experience have brought us in contact with countless clients whose goal was permanent resident status followed by naturalization and citizenship. We can be of service to you too, effectively and cost-efficiently.

Applications and Appeals

Some of the available green card categories carry long waiting periods. If you are eligible to apply for permanent residence status in more than one of them, we can inform you of the pros and cons of each category. If an appeal of your application denial is necessary, we are glad to advocate for you in that forum and persuasively represent your interests.

Let Angela Wynn Help

If your permanent residence or green card status is in question or if you know someone whose green card is, we can arrive at a creative solution for your immigration law dilemma.

We are Wynn Law Office. We look forward to meeting you during your initial consultation, scheduled by phone or fax. Let us evaluate your potential case.